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Manage your DeFi Assets and NFT portfolios, trade across multiple networks and connect to any decentralized application with one APP.


Add and manage your wallets, now easier!

Connect all your wallets to SimplyFi in a few simple steps.

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Transfer currencies in just a few steps

Choose the starting point and the arrival point, SimplyFi will guide you in carrying out the transactions, all from a single interface!

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Monitor and track your assets in one app

SimplyFi will keep track of all assets connected to your wallets, even those deposited in dapps!

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Connect and interact with your favorite wallets and dapps

SimplyFi will allow you to interact with your favorite dapps without having to open dozens of windows!

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Why Choose Us?

Amazing Features

SimplyFi provides numerous web3 features presented in a simple and user-friendly way, to allow access and use by all


Completely non-custodial, the app can be protected by a password, and the password of the wallet used will be required for each transaction.

User Experience

Tailored to the user's needs, interacting with the web3 will be easy and convenient.

Mobile App

Say goodbye to the computer and multiple open windows, manage everything anytime, anywhere with our mobile app!

Additional Features

Enhance your web3 experience with additional functionalities for maximum enjoyment.

One app, all chains: Simplify your crypto experience

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Our Expert Team

Andrea Borrelli


Federico Cerri


Simone Currao


Antonio Massa


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